I wish to express my wholehearted support of Marie Tabarly and her unique Element Earth Project. It is crucial to get the younger generations involved in the protection of our planet through creating public awareness on the various interconnected issues. This project achieves this. It is an amazing undertaking which I am certain will inspire and rouse viewers to action.



I must tell you Marie, when I heard of your project I was struck by its brilliance. No-one can remain indifferent when they are brought face-to-face with such incredible scenarios, or given the opportunity to meet individuals who are truly charismatic and inspirational. Individuals who with their never-say-die attitude towards danger and extraordinary challenges will not surrender their dreams. I wish you Godspeed with your wonderful project. I’m certain you will achieve all you set out to do. 


To be Eric Tabarly’s daughter and yet to have the ambition to explore the world’s oceans as its ambassador is a tough thing to pull off.  Yet the second Marie Tabarly appeared at my doorstep in Brittany, her Element Earth Project in hand, I instinctively knew she had what it would take to achieve that goal.  She has an all-engulfing passion and iron-clad determination.  Nothing would get in her way. I knew her father and had untold respect for him—to the point of penning his biography. I could see that all of his exceptional qualities had been passed down to her, and whilst she possessed her own individual personality and ambitions, I perceived a common thread of morality which they share. The long-distance expedition that Marie intends to undertake is in the same vein as the Ushuaia Nature Voyages, though it is not merely a copy of it. It stands apart from anything I have ever seen—a committed and original project powered by an assertive personality. A reconnection with Mother Nature, and a journey of initiation across the seven seas to immerse us into that most beautiful matrix: diversity. The fate of the environment is not a foregone conclusion, far from it. The transition is just starting and it is crucial that we remain strong and vigilant. Everyone must take part in the defence of the environment, and in their own unique way. This project combines exploration, sport, gaining knowledge about the state of the planet, exchanging cultural values, championing diversity and, most importantly, breaking out of your comfort zone to help raise awareness for such a vital issue. The future of the planet and, most importantly, that of mankind is inseparable from a need to learn absolute respect for Mother Nature.  I believe that Marie  will succeed in her quest to tirelessly convey the message that humans must, without further delay, reconnect and replenish themselves with Nature’s bounty.