Become partner

Become partner

Support Elemen’Terre and let us carry the banner of your company values and spirit across the world.

Elemen’Terre is a multi-faceted and a once-in-a-lifetime event which combines an uncensored look into today’s world, the forces of mother nature, and mankind’s right to dream of the incredible and risk everything to attain it.

Our documentary carries a universal message aimed at a global audience. We intend to be seen and heard in all four corners of the globe, thereby offering sponsors an international and every-changing canvas for their name over the next four years.

We pride ourselves on exemplifying and putting forward French expertise and excellence in matters of technology and culture, but this project is also a carefully curated window on uplifting morals cherished by all nations—such as as grabbing life by the horns, and learning how to distinguish oneself in society by working towards the greater good.

Join the Element Earth adventure and through it strengthen bonds whilst creating new ones between employees and clients. Build your brand ethos on earth’s purest values: a love for nature and the need to protect it, self-development through sport,  and most importantly learning to respect and understand oneself, others and the planet.

Take a look at our sponsorship packages and fine one suited for your company needs. Whatever your commitment level or company size, we have space for everyone onboard.


We will be using and filming ourselves using countless types of sport equipment: skis, kite wings, paragliding wings, snow-kiting gear, surfboards, wetsuits, alpine climbing gear, sailing & wet-weather gear, technical garments, sunglasses, snacks, creams…

We are therefore offering companies the chance to join us by becoming technical partners and helping to kit out our crew, guests and ambassadors. We will represent you throughout our journey, with added emphasis when the concerned sport is on screen.  Your logo will be placed on every piece of relevant equipment and featured heavily in our documentary and across all online plateforms: website, personalised links, articles, videos and on social media.