My father Eric Tabarly often used to say this. Today it has become my mantra  and with  slight modifications, it can be applied to many situations.

I am a woman who is passionate about many things – about sports, nature, life – who is willing to undertake all kinds of challenges. I have always been attracted to hard work and the idea of surpassing myself. After I graduated from my Baccalaureate, I set sail for 3 years on ocean-racing boats, onboard the 60’ ORMA trimaran Banque Populaire, then onboard the maxi trimaran Geronimo. Olivier de Kersauson selected me to sail with him around the world in the Oryx Cup but a quadruple-ruptured ligament and tendon on my ankle 3 days before the start of the race prevented me from taking part in it. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it was in the rehabilitation centre that I met the Roxy representatives who then trained me to become be a solo sailor on a Figaro II.


I have always travelled, and largely on boats with my father. My childhood existence alternated living at sea, on land in Brittany and at sky-high heights in the mountains near Chamonix. This allowed me to remain close to horses, my primary passion, and eventually become an equine behaviourist. I have my eagerness to seek out and resolve difficulties to thank for that as well, because it naturally steered me towards working with ‘lost cause’ horses suffering from behavioural disorders. Living close to these creatures requires you to develop an acute sense of feeling, to intuitively listen to the animal.

Equine behaviourism is actually neither job nor sport, but an art and a way of living. Horses also enabled me to live, among other places, in Montana, Kentucky, England and the Camargue.

Alongside my work, I continue to take part in regattas, mainly onboard the 15M Class Mariska (winning 5 time the 15M IR Championships) and to endlessly seek out new sport experiences like paragliding or slacklining. I am also interested in the world of the circus and performance, from street artists to travelling circus schools and all the way to Bartabas’ intoxicating universe and horse theatre Zingaro. My personal hobby is fire juggling.


I am a Métis, a cultural mix of Breton and Créole which gives me a distinct personality and abundant strength. You can find examples of intermixes everywhere in my life. I like to try what I consider the best things in life and to mix them together, with no concern for boundaries because I myself am free and unwilling to fit in any one category. I am a horsewoman but also a sailor, an artist, a sportsperson and a woman of action. 


In 2010, I managed to combine my two passions, horse riding and travelling, through sailing.  During a regatta in Monaco I met the explorer Mike Horn who offered me a job managing the equestrian part of his Pangaea expedition in Mongolia, enabling me to share my equestrian knowledge with young explorers from around the world. I will always remember the Pangea Project, which inspired me a few years later to initiate my own around- the- world project

Her role

In addition to my role as skipper onboard Pen-Duick VI, I will accompany the riders on most of the sport sections. I practise freeride skiing, highlining, rock-climbing, snow kiting, paragliding, surfing, kite surfing and freediving. I sincerely hope that my participation will help give a more genuine view of the professional riders’ performances.


Vivre, c'est faire de ses rêves des souvenirs